iPhone 12 shipments could be lower this year

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The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has impacted the global economy, and many people have lost their jobs and their spending power has dropped significantly. The market reported that Apple’s iPhone 12 shipments this year will be lower than the originally estimated figures.

Technology media DigiTimes reported that the source revealed that suppliers are not optimistic about the shipment of 5G iPhones to be launched in September this year. It is expected that this year’s shipments will only be 15-20 million units, and the previous supply chain was estimated to be 30-40 million. support. Due to the economic downturn caused by the epidemic, consumers are expected to be reluctant to spend an extra $1,000 on a new mobile phone.

As a result of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, countries have implemented blockade measures, leading to the bankruptcy of many factories and the loss of workers. Although the United States has taken strong economic revitalization measures, most consumers still tend to tighten their belts. Data previously released by the United States showed that the personal savings rate in the United States soared to 33% in April, a record high.

For Apple, this is undoubtedly bad news, because the market is looking forward to its first 5G flagship phone.

Other sources also pointed out that Apple’s press conference this year may be extended to October, a month later than September, or even later. Apple supplier Broadcom has previously stated that due to a delay in the important product cycle of a large North American mobile phone customer (it is reportedly Apple), the company’s wireless business revenue surge is expected to be one quarter later than in the past.


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